Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery and Bistro

Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery and Bistro is now open for business! The all gluten-free bakery/bistro is located at 5845 N Oracle Road (just south of Rudasill). For questions, please call (520) 408-9000

gourmet-girls-178x115-1206891Would you like to indulge yourself in some delicious and gluten free baked goods?

That’s exactly what you will get if you sample Gourmet Girls Go Gluten Free‘s gluten-free muffins, bagels, breads, sweet breads, or cookies! In fact, one of our website visitors described Gourmet Girls Go Gluten Free baked goods as “unbelievably yummy!!!”

In addition to the products they usually offer, they take special orders. So if you have a special event and need a gluten free pie or a birthday cake, the gourmet girls are your girls!

Visit the Gourmet Girls Go Gluten Free website to learn more about their menu.


  1. Larry says

    Help. I need a sheet cake for a celebration of a woman’s 80th birthday who needs a gluten free cake. Know where I can get it? Usually we use Costco, but they don’t, and we can’t celebrate her birthday with a cake she can’t eat.

  2. Heddi Gambale says

    Had lunch at Create Cafe on Camp Lowell and Swan the other day and the Gluten Free Girls had left some wonderful chocolate macaroons in the dessert basket by the register. Yummy!!!

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